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About the Artist

Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, I moved to Washington DC in 1974 to attend Howard University, where in 1978, I received my B.Sc. in mathematics. While residing in Washington I began to pursue my interest in art through adult education courses and workshops. My first professional opportunity in the arts came in 1979 when I began to work for the Smithsonian Institution designing shop displays for the Museum of African Art and Hirshhorn Museum. Acceptance into the graduate program of the College of Design at North Carolina State University brought me to Raleigh, North Carolina in 1986.

To support myself and to fund my graduate work, I taught drawing and worked as an assistant manager of Noah's, a natural food co-op. Hours spent arranging produce cultivated my appreciation of whole foods, their color and texture. The curl of lettuce leaves, the delicate geometry of broccoli, the silky green of ripe avocado, food imagery found a permanent home on my artist palette.

In 1989 I received my Master of Product Design and following graduation, I began to work as a freelance illustrator. In 1991, I changed career directions and began to work for Exploris, a museum about the world, located in downtown Raleigh, where I held the position of Vice President of Design and Production.

Today, I am returning to my illustration work with a deeper understanding of design and a renewed enthusiasm for creativity. This work appeals to both the artist and the mathematician in me, as it allows me to problem solve while also expressing my personal aesthetic. I pride myself on providing beautiful images and creative solutions in timely manner.