Linda Dallas


I'm happy to announce that my design Fruition has been selected by the City of Raleigh Arts Commission and Capital Area Transit for ART-ON-THE-MOVE, a public art project that displays artwork on the side of Raleigh buses.

My design is inspired by my neighbor’s lush garden. He welcomes neighbors to pick any fruits and vegetables that grow on his fence. For him “Good fences make good neighbors” is the truth he lives by every day.

Fruition is comprised of seven separate watercolor and gouache paintings of the garden fence in various seasons. I’ve refined the transitions between the images using computer manipulation. The grid of the fence creates a visual tie between the images and is the perfect foil for the colorful tangle and texture of the vegetation. I’ve used patterns and small “window” insets to reveal and emphasize the natural cycles of the garden. From seed to fruit, from germination to decay, the fence is beautiful in every season. I’m so happy that ART-ON-THE-MOVE has given Fruition wheels and that the visual bounty of this lovely garden will be cruising along the streets of Raleigh.

Look for Fruition when the ART-ON-THE-MOVE buses roll out in May 2011.

Linda Dallas
Artist / Illustrator

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