Linda Dallas



Size of Original
6" x 9"

Original $300.00

Why Did He Faint?

The highlight of the dinner party was a wonderful, cold eggplant casserole, Imam Bayeldi, perfect for the warm summer evening. In Turkish, Imam Bayeldi means the priest fainted. However, I couldnt get any agreement on why the Imam fainted. Our hostess, Michelle, learned how to prepare the dish when she lived in Syria. The legend, she explained, claims that the Imam fainted when he discovered the quantity of very expensive olive oil used in the preparation of the dish. Dinner guests Pervin and Mesut, a lovely couple from Turkey, believed the Imam tasted the dish and fainted with sheer delight. I think I'm with Pervin and Mesut on this one.

This painting appears in the 2005 Food For Thought calendar.

Linda Dallas
Artist / Illustrator

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